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Hey all, Just thought I’d try posting again since I’ve talked to most people about what they’re bringing.  Some things to consider bringing:

-Changes of clothes (for camping/biking/hiking/ and rafting–bathing suits etc)

-Good pair of hikers or sneakers for biking and hiking, sandals with backs or grundgy sneakers for rafting.

-Personal toiletries (for showers and stuff, toothbrush, deodorant, etc.)


-Bug repellent

-Snackage for Friday night (think campfire foods – hotdogs, sausages aka things that roast on sticks, and things like crackers and chips)

-Breakfast food/snackage for Sunday morning

-water?  I’m bringing some bottles, but I don’t know how thirsty everyone is going to get.

-Sleeping bag/blankets, sleeping pad or air mattress, pillows.  I think we have enough tents to go around, but you’ll need something to sleep on.  Here’s the issue that I can think of…I know some of you guys WILL NOT share an air mattress with another dude.  If you have no qualms, please lemme know so I can scronge up whatever extra air mattresses there are in the group.  Also be aware that nighttime temps can/will drop into the low 60’s.

-Flashlights or lanterns, we’re in an area with no electricity.

-It’s going to probably be wet Friday night and during rafting, some Ziploc bags to store water sensitive items are a good idea.


-I’m going to be bringing a cooler, if you need a few things kept cold, you can toss them in there.

-lawn chair for sitting around the campfire.

-alarm clock or watch with alarm.  We have to be up early Saturday morning…choose your way of getting awake.

-A few garbage bags, we need to take out everything we bring in.  There is a garbage dump in the campgrounds we can use before we leave.

Reminder:  Charge cell phones and any other electronics if you want them to work through the weekend.

At this point everyone is meeting at Dani and I’s  place friday, aiming for about 6pm, I know some of you will be a little later.  Then we’ll figure out who else is driving, since I’ll be driving one car. 

 Kelly and Randy, I don’t know if you’ll want to come down here or meet us somewhere along the NE extension.  We’ll need to talk about this tonite.

BTW: I would appreciate if everyone could chip in like $7 for the campsites.

That’s it for now.  :)

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So here's all who's going camping/Big Day Out:


First off, I just wanna mention that the forecast is currently for the possibility of scattered showers and the Big Day Out goes on, rain or shine.  So does the camping. And it’s going to be warm.  Since we all registered, you should have gotten a pamplet detailing certain things you should bring.  It’s biking, hiking, then rafting.  Bring proper clothing and footwear for these activities, if you have questions, just ask, I’ll do my best to answer.

Things I kinda would like to know from everyone:

What you plan on bringing.  I think almost everyone said they had a tent to bring, but how big is your tent, and are you willing to share with others, etc.  There are fire pits, do you plan on bringing any food/snacks/drinks?

I'm going to try to bring some firewood, a cooler, hot dogs and s'mores ingredients (unless someone would like to bring one of the ingredients themselves, ie, graham crackers, marshmellows, or the chocolate.)  It would really help if people brought chocolate with them cause hershey bars can start getting pricey...    And things like water bottles.  Probably some handy breakfast foodage for sunday morning.  Just be aware that food you bring should be stored in the cars in coolers. This is also because of the animals that live in the forest.

Definately bring things like sunscreen, bug repellent, and flashlights + batteries.  There isn't any electric so...
And whatever other camping supplies you think you might need.  Things like garbage bags are needed (there is a dump station so you don't have to take the trash with you.

Also, is anyone planning on carpooling or something.  I think my car will probably be filled, but not sure with whom.  And I guess some people were talking about meeting at me and Dani's place then leaving from there.  If you want, and it's a shorter drive to the state park, feel free to drive over since I would hate for everyone to drive an hour+ to our place, and then back up to the park.  We can also discuss who all is willing to meet up and drive and share gas/tolls if needed.  Kelly and Randy, I'm afraid since you guys will be leaving Saturday evening after the BDO, then carpooling and sharing tent stuff is probably out.  Cause I do believe that everyone else is staying into Sunday.

Further information, forthcoming as I figure out what it is.
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Go check on camping / big day out post

So for camping I have:

me (reserved)
Dani (reserved)
Joe (reserved)
Steve (reserved)
Kelly (reserved)
Randy (reserved)
James (reserved)

I reserved two adjacent campsites  last night which came to $68 total, so we'll split that up between all who are camping. There are additional fees ($3) for more than one car parking on the campsite, so we'll have to arrange who's driving what and who's bringing what.  I think everyone who's going has a tent and some equipment, but when I gather what everyone has, I'll let people know what they should bring.  Cause I'm sure we don't need 8 different tents going up. Unless you really want to.  XD  BTW, it's campsites 134 and 137 in case you wanna look it up on hickory run state parks campsite map.  We're pretty much right smack dab in the middle of the modern campsite. (modern being that it has showers and toilets).  No electric so be sure to bring flashlights and lanterns.

I'm calling and reserving for myself + others at lunch, around 1pm.  Be sure to reserve ASAP since spots are going quickly, and I didn't even expect this much of a response from our group.  XD  I was hoping to fill a boat which would be 6 ppls.   So yay for adventurous folk!
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First off,

For all those who wished congratulations from Otakon, THANK YOU!  :)  I should've thanked you all sooner but I got on planning the next thing and since my mind is all over the place, things aren't exactly happening in the logical order.  THANKS! *hugs*

OK, now onto the next event.
I talked with the rafting place ( - select lehigh river).  And I got an itinerary so you all kinda know how the big day goes:

830  am - Check In at the rafting center (where you get your coupons for meals and stuff, given 2 water bottles, you can also bring more to                         drink as long as it's not alcohol)
845         - Break fast served
910         - get supplies for rafting (paddles, life vests, etc)
920         - buses loaded to take us to the bike center where we pick up bikes and biking equipment
1000       - we start the biking portion
1      pm  - lunch is provided and change for the hiking portion
145         - we start the hike up the waterfalls
345         - we get changed for rafting and get our rafting supplies
400         - rafting portion of the trip begins (4 miles downriver)
7              - we're done and are brought back to the rafting center where we can change into dry clothing
715         - bonfire and dinner, get a mug and fill with frothy beverage...

Cost is 90+tax. Which includes everything - bikes, food, rafting equipment, and so on.   If you're doing this, call the rafting center Toll-Free (800) WHITEWATER (944-8392) and make reservations for the Big Day Out on Aug 11th.  You'll need a credit card to pay for it over the phone.  You have to pay for it in full to make reservations.  If you have an issue with doing this, I'm making my reservations tomorrow and if you let me know, I will add you on to my charge, then you can pay me back.  :)   After you make your reservations - please lemme know so that I know that you are going.  Please make the reservations ASAP since once it gets filled up, they won't accept anymore reservations.  And the closer it gets the more people sign up.

We're going camping at Hickory Run state park.  The park is about 15 minutes from the rafting center.  It's $17 night for a campsite, a campsite can have no more than 5 people.  The plan is to camp out friday and saturday nights as a little more adventure time to go with the Big Day Out.  This will involve bringing tents and sleeping bags and other camp related things.  Location has bathrooms and showers (I know I'll need to shower after the big day out...  :P ).  So far I have confirmed responses of Me, Dani, Erik, and Joe.  And I know there were a few more interested.  I just really need to know if there will be more than 5 since I want to reserve campsite(s).  Preferably, next to each other if needed.  We can park a second car on the campsite for $3 more if it fits.  Which since we have small tents should work. BTW - there is no alcohol allowed in any PA state parks.  Yeah bummer, I know.

If you want to go camping I really need to know ASAP!  Cause I'll reserve 2 campsites instead of one.  And please call and make your reservations for the Big Day Out!
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Hey all, since the hub-bub of cons is all out of the way.  Now it's time to discuss THE BIG DAY OUT on Aug 11th.

Here's what I need at the moment.   A few of us were interested in camping out friday and saturday nights at Hickory Run state park.  Yup, we're "kinda" roughing it.  There are bathrooms and showers at this campsite so it does have some conveniences.  But I need to know how many people would be interested in camping so I can reserve campsites.  And if anyone has any experience with camping like this (I've never done the organization for it before, just have paid my part and gone), any help is appreciated.  Or else I think I'm going to be spending a while on the phone going... "erm, can you explain to me what that is?"  XD  Anywho, if you are interested please get in touch with me (via phone or comment) so I know and since each campsite allows up to 5, if there is more than that, I need to reserve adjacent spots and we'll need to discuss parking arrangements since they only allow one car per campsite.  This also means you'll need to bring your own stuff like tents and sleeping bags/air mattresses, etc.  The cost is pretty minimal.

The plan is to get there friday evening, camp/sleep/whatever, then in the morning, head out to Pocono Whitewater rafting for the big day out. They provide breakfast lunch and dinner for the event.  And at the end of the day, head back to our campsite, do whatever again.  Then sunday we go home.  So who's bringing the s'more ingredients?  XD

As for the big day out, I'll post more info on this after I give them a call.  I'll probably have everyone make reservations and pay for themselves that way I don't have to worry about putting everyone's charges on my own cc, and then have to collect money from everyone.

So stay tuned.  But please lemme know if you're interested in camping.  If you're not interested don't feel obligated, you can meet up with us at the Whitewater rafting place.  :)

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