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2017-04-22 09:55 pm
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New dreamwidth journal

Welcome to the new journal. I don't know how much I'll actually use this, but it's here and more friendly than livejournal is. :)
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2008-10-26 11:33 pm

dawww cute kitten...

R.E. is currently with [ profile] yesod after crying pretty consistently after we dropped her brother at his new home with [ profile] sephserrot .  Luna is hissing, and Artemis is scared running around with puffy tail.

Things are going to be pretty crazy the next few days...

edit: currently Artemis is sitting outside [ profile] yesod 's door.  Usually that's her room to cuddle and sleep in at night.

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2008-10-19 11:13 pm


Two cons, two weeks (AUSA, ZENKAIKON)...this past weekend I staffed...ugh....tired...con reports for the last two weekends will be forthcoming.  I've got to say, Zenkaikon, we had attendance explosion...went from 570 last year to over 1300 this year. 0_0

Anywho, got a favor to ask of you guys...

I have a contact form set up on my website and I've heard random complaints that it doesn't work and people are getting weird error messages. (yeah yeah spamming my website...psshhhh).  I've never had an issue while testing it from different locations, so I'm unsure as to what the specific problem or error is.  If some of you wouldn't mind filling out the form and sending it and if you get any errors to copy and post it here, I'd appreciate it.  Of course you may also want the link...try here:  Thanks!!!

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2008-10-17 07:50 am

Zenkaikon this weekend!!!

Last night I think I folded about 750 program guides, then we ate pussy.  All is well.
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2008-10-08 01:45 pm

AnimeUSA room prices edited

Please see my previous post for updated room
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2008-10-08 06:27 am

AnimeUSA Room Update

Second Room Cancelled

So 1 room with these people:

Me  = $80
Dani = $80
Laura = $80
Erin = $80
Alana = $46
Rob = $46

which amounts to 125/night + 10.25% tax for 3 nights
$69/pp and a couple bucks extra to leave for tip at the end of the weekend
EDITED: see prices above since there's only 4 of us for thursday.

We (Me, Dani, Erin, and Laura) hope to get there by 11pm or so thurs evening.  So...that's the plan!
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2008-10-06 11:54 pm



And then this is why we can't have nice things...

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2008-10-05 10:21 pm

So I was watching Advent Children....

while working on cosplay.  And I remembered how I'd been asked to cosplay Reno for a Turk group at an upcoming con.

The kicker.  Why me = Reno? The answer I got? Asians make the best Reno's.

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2008-09-25 07:41 pm

So there's this BETA...

of Little Big Planet that is now downloading on mah PS3.

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2008-09-21 07:44 am


Rest in Peace Allen Walker.
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2008-09-19 11:16 pm

WUT??? is pretty entertaining.  Thanks to [ profile] ramothhe letting us in on this little thing that brings a smile to my face on a regular basis.
Anyways, this was recently posted and I find it hilarious.

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2008-09-02 10:24 pm


2 hrs at the salon led to super pale blonde!!!
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2008-07-27 09:17 pm

so once again...

The internets has been restored.  Every thunderstorm that has come through in the last several days has knocked out power, and also the cable and therefore also our internets.  Which is kinda a good thing since we really need to be working on cosplay. >.<  So there.

And there is also a bit of hailstone sitting in our freezer. lol
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2008-07-21 10:51 pm

I learn something new everyday...

today's lesson: Sculpey is meltable, even after it's baked.  And it's a clingy melty...
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2008-07-19 12:12 am


I'm 1/8 done melting stuff.

That is all.
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2008-07-16 10:58 am

Injuries Sustained:

First cosplay injury sustained last night.  = cut on finger.

Let's see what happens when I start using the blow torch.  bwahahahaha

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2008-07-08 10:54 pm


Luna has left me...

for foam.
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2008-06-29 10:50 pm

Hey have a wig question...

For any of you who have bought a "punky" wig for anything.  How are the fibers laid out?  As in, would this be something I would be able to weft additional hair into, or is it one of those that have that knotty stuff at the base of the hair in order to give the wig lift? 
Any help/info is appreciated.   <3
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2008-06-12 11:20 pm


I got called Yugioh tonite...  XDDDDDD